About Us

Blue Bayou Cafe

Great FoodBlue Bayou Cafe is dedicated to providing great food – with all the richness of the Texas-Louisiana bayou country – in a relaxed atmosphere that combines upscale surroundings with reasonable prices to fit all your dining and social needs, from business lunches to get away from business happy hours, from quiet dining with friends and family to parties in our party room, or enjoying the game with fellow fans on multiple big screen TVs.


The Food

Everything we do at Blue Bayou Cafe starts and ends with the food. Enjoyment of good food is a foundation of society and defining expression of a culture. Our food takes from the great melting pot of French, African, and Spanish traditions that gave us Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex, BBQ, and more, that are all celebrated in the bayou country of Texas.


iPad Play Station

Today’s kids are not interested in ball pits and slides at dinner, and today’s busy parents aren’t interested in the germs and having to watch for falls. Mom and Dad want to relax and enjoy dinner, and kids want to play video games. Blue Bayou Cafe has the perfect solution: a Kids Station with multiple iPads for the kids to play what they want to their hearts’ content, without jeopardizing the parents’ heart condition.

Party Room

Between the main floor of the restaurant and our breezy outdoor patio, is a raised area that can be closed off for private parties from business celebrations, to holiday parties, to wedding receptions. Blue Bayou Cafe can assist in all areas, from decorations to entertainment.

Charging Stations

Blue Bayou Cafe is the perfect spot for lunch during a busy day or to stop off and enjoy happy hour after work. However busy you have been, you can stay connected to the world with free wifi and conveniently located plugs and charging ports.

Catering Services